Day 2 - Are we there yet?

Well after a good night's sleep we were all up and ready to go for our next day of travel by 7:30am. We had breakfast (Bacon, Eggs, Cereal and of course Eggos). Our plan for today was to make it to Dunnigan, CA so we left the Rest Area at about 9am. Since it was Saturday there was really no traffic to speak of and it was smooth sailing. We stopped once on the way to eat some lunch then it was back on the road again. We arrived at the Campers Inn RV area at about 8pm and got all setup. Lauri and Mom made an incredible dinner of Chicken wrapped in bacon and stuffed with cream cheese with chives, an incredible salad and some corn. Umm Umm good! Now that everyone was full the next logical thing was to go to bed. Everyone went to bed and I stayed up till about midnight on my computer. Any surprise?  Tomorrow we head for LA.

Posted by: jscott
Posted on: 4/5/2008 at 11:00 PM
Categories: Family
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