Day 5 - Our last day at Disneyland

Well we went to sleep last night wondering how we would feel come 7am in the morning but everyone seemed to be up and ready to leave the RV at 8am. When we got to Disneyland we were not as fortunate in getting in so quickly but we made it in by 9am which is when the park officially opens. Since we had been on a lot of rides the previous day our goal today was to see a few shows and make it over to California Adventure park.

Ride 1: Dumbo / Matahorn - The kids went to Dumbo and Gary and I went to Matahorn. I was not that impressed with our ride but I am sure the kids enjoyed theirs. We joined back up and it seemed that Julie Andrews was having a horse dedicated to her on the carousel ride so Mom wanted to wait and see her.

Ride 2: Peter Pan - While Mom waited for Julie Andrews we went and took this ride. Nicole and I went in the first car and as we rounded our first corner the ride suddenly stopped. All the lights came on and it seems that something stopped the  ride. We had to wait about 15 minutes and then they brought us back in. So we had to wait for them to recycle the machine and then we went back on. It was the worth it as both Kyle and Nicole commented that they thought it was very cool.

By now rides today are getting very long. So we decided to walk around a bit and went into Princess Fantasy Faire so that Nicole and Kyle could get some autographs and pictures with Snow White, Pocahontas and Aurora. I waited in line for them about 45 minutes while they went and watched a show. It was funny when Kyle would go to each character he stood really far from them and each time they would pull him close and he would put on a really big grin. Then afterwards he would be all excited about the questions they asked him. Nicole was more of a pro and just pushed on. We have some really neat pictures of them we will post.

Toon Town - Got Mickeys autograph and picture. Can't go to Disneyland without accomplishing this. Played around on some the attractions and then took a train back to Main Street to meet up with Mom and Gary. We decided we would now head over to California Adventure which is right next to Disneyland.

California Adenture - We walked to this food stand that served these HUGE corn dogs.  Took the kids on a small kid ride.

Monsters Inc - The kids had been asking to do this ride since we came to Disneyland as they had heard about it from other kids. Wait was about 30 minutes but the kids really liked it so I guess it was worth it ;-)

High School Musical 2 - This was a parade and the reason we came over to California Adventure as Nicole is a big fan. I have to say it was very well done and Nicole and Kyle both got picked to go up and dance with the crew.

Character Pictures - A big part of being here is getting pictures of the kids with various characters. So we went and got a few of these out of the way.

We are getting tired after 2 days of this stuff. Our locker is back in Disneyland so we decided to head back and finish up  the day. However the kids had not had enough so we went on a few last rides (Pinocchio Village, Alice in Wonderland, Snow Whites Scary Adventure). We are officially finished. We ended our day by going to Cheesecake Factory for Dinner. A good way to end the day.

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Posted on: 4/8/2008 at 8:35 PM
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