Day 9 - Houston we have landed!

Well it has been 9 days and we are finally here. We are in Houston, TX and as many know that famous saying "Houston we have landed" we are finally here. We got to my Mom's house at about 11am and unpacked. We went to Bryson's soccer game at 1pm and watched him play and make a goal!!! Kyle and Nicole are very excited to see there cousin. After getting back from the game they of course decided they wanted to go swimming. My Mom has a really cool swimming pool and I am guessing it is about 70 degrees or so. The weather right now is incredible. Mom, Angelique and Lauri went to the store to get stuff for Dinner and we will soon settle down to the end of day 9.  I think we are planning on heading to Galveston tomorrow.

Posted by: jscott
Posted on: 4/12/2008 at 3:17 PM
Categories: Family
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